We are going through some challenges as Coronavirus spreads all over the world.It makes sense for us to be braced and have knowledge on best approaches to help our body fight the virus, in case it will be needed. We put together several informations and research content about supplements that can help fighting virus infections for you.

Baloxavir marboxil


Baloxavir marboxil is an antiviral medication for treatment of influenza A and influenza B flu.  It may reduce the duration of flu symptoms by about a day.

Method of administration

Licensed for

  • Influenza

Licensed dose

The licensed dose for Baloxavir marboxil single-dose with 20mg or 40mg, depending on body weight.

Status of clinical development for Coronaviruses

Baloxavir marboxil is currently clinically trialled for COVID-19.

Proposed dose for COVID-19

The dosage for Baloxavir marboxil is 80mg on day, 80mg on day 4 and 80mg on day 7 as neccessary. No more than 3 times administration in total.

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