We are going through some challenges as Coronavirus spreads all over the world.It makes sense for us to be braced and have knowledge on best approaches to help our body fight the virus, in case it will be needed. We put together several informations and research content about supplements that can help fighting virus infections for you.

The new coronavirus infected way too many people and it doesn’t seem to end soon. In all the studies relatively few children appear to have developed symptoms of COVID-19 virus. According to a record of WHO only 2.4% of the total cases are under the age of 19 and only 0.2% had a critical disease. There have been no deaths recorded in children under 9. Fact is that younger people are getting infected too but they get a relatively milder disease.  It’s not unusual for viruses to trigger only mild infections in children and much more severe illnesses in adults. Chickenpox, for example, can be largely inconsequential in children, yet catastrophic in adults.

In one published case of a family travelling to Wuhan and after returning, only the older family members aging from 36 to 66 have been infected. The 10-year-old had signs of viral pneumonia in the lungs, doctors found — but no outward symptoms. Even though thousands of young children end up in the hospital each year with influenza, just a small percentage of them die. Children tend to eat well, and to get plenty of exercise and rest — none of which may be true of adults – that’s why they can fight the virus off well.

A key question about the new coronavirus is whether children who are infected and asymptomatic are able to pass the virus to others. We know that not just kids but young adults and teenagers have the most intense contact in society.

If you’re interested in more, you can read here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/05/health/coronavirus-children.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article