We are going through some challenges as Coronavirus spreads all over the world.It makes sense for us to be braced and have knowledge on best approaches to help our body fight the virus, in case it will be needed. We put together several informations and research content about supplements that can help fighting virus infections for you.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration screening the market for companies distributing COVID-19 tests, which are not validated and correct. There is clear evidence for fraudulent test beeing sold to citizens.

The FDA gives out a warning for the public. They say they didn‘t authorize any coronavirus -tests yet.
It has to be said that the FDA sees high potiential in home testing. The FDA is already working on expanding the abilities of creating and authorizing home test kits.

Non-validated and inacurate tests can cause serious health risks. For Example they could hold patients back from seeking medical care and treatment, by screen wrong results.
The FDA aks consumers to follow the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines.
In case of assumption of an infection or if you show any signs of symptoms, you should alwaysconsult your medical provider first.

There will be appropriate action taken on companies trying to take an advantage ,while risking peoples, health of this global crisis.
Warning letters, seizures or injunctions will be the result of this consequence. We are cutting the distribution of fake tests at ports of entry, that means international mail facilities will be watched with more pressure to ensure less tests will be shipped to the country.

If you are aware of fake test kits , please make sure you report them to the FDA or to a public health facility of your country.

Source: FDA (USA, March 20, 2020)