We are going through some challenges as Coronavirus spreads all over the world.It makes sense for us to be braced and have knowledge on best approaches to help our body fight the virus, in case it will be needed. We put together several informations and research content about supplements that can help fighting virus infections for you.

What this is:

Quercetin is an extract found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds and grains. It comes as food supplement in capsules and is relatively cheap. Next to extracts such as Curcumin, Green tea extract, Berberine, Quercetin is one of the most relevant natural extracts cancer treatment (Ref.) and auto-immune diseases and allergic reactions (Ref.).

What is the potential:

  • Quercetin has important anti-viral (Ref.1, Ref.2, Ref.3, etc.) activities as well as anti-inflammatory (Ref.), both aspects are very important in prevention and/or treatment to reduce potential lethal reactions in Coronavirus infected patients.
  • Quercetin has already proven successful at treating Ebola and Zika viruses. Researchers in Québec think it could prove effective against COVID-19 (Ref.) as well. Quercetin makes very much sense to use as is a MCT (1-4) inhibitor which as a result holds back fermentation and in turn inhibits viral replication, due to similar effects as discussed in the Vitamin C blogpost.

How to take:
In the preventive phase, You should take 1g/day and for active disease I would recommend to take 3g/day. If possible the dose of 3g/day should be increased step by step. On this line, eating (uncooked) onion should also have some preventive role because of the high Quercetin content.